Lammi Glass Giveaway Contest & Rules

It’s giveaway time! We will be giving away these two @lammiglass pipes to two different contestants. To enter the giveaway, simply head over to and sign up as a member, but first follow the link below to read all of the terms and conditions, Privacy Policy and official promotion rules. Entries will be accepted through the week and winners will be announced one week from today. Good luck!


  • Avatar Kyle says:

    Love the new site and content. Many blessings.

  • Avatar gizmomigato1 says:

    Congratulations on such an incredible journey and you are a true inspiration to us all!Always been locked down to the 8 to 5 lifestyle so never pursued my dreams outside my personal life now I am retired I would love to offer the world genetics as you!31 years and hundreds of purchased strains and even more in which I created takes alot to impress me and your strains certainly do!Job well done!

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