As we begin to dive deeper into the world of legal cannabis throughout the United States and various parts of the world, we also start to see a steep increase in products designed to make cultivation more efficient. This trend is quite apparent specifically in cannabis grow lighting. At Green Bodhi we have gone through many years of research and development using double ended high-pressure sodium (HPS), light emitting ceramic (LEC), HPS and LEC combos, and finally light emitting diodes (LED’s). To be quite honest, we were quite skeptical of what LED’s could do, but one LED brand in particular really showed us what the technology was capable of.

Recently we came in contact with a company called Est Tech and they introduced us to their EST-LED-480. This light is meant to replace a 1000w HPS bulb and covers a 4×4 area all while only using 480w. With a total of 1536 LED’s the fixture is able to produce a maximum of 82,240 lumens with the option to dim the lights when needed. This 15-pound unit also features an easy to use adjusting hanging system, which makes moving lights according to plant height a breeze.

Alright, now for the good stuff! Est Tech worked closely with Cree Lighting to design a chipset that would provide their customers with a lighting system that boasts one of the best light spectrums on the market. Its incredible red light spectrum provides flowering cannabis plants with an ideal light environment. Inversely, Est Tech’s blue spectrum offers light that is more beneficial for plants in veg. One other fantastic feature of the lights is their patented lensing technology which allows for greater canopy penetration, which ultimately increases yields.

Since we began testing the Est Tech EST-LED-480 we have noticed several positive changes in our plants. One of the biggest surprises throughout our testing was our increase in yields. We were able to see an increase of 50 – 200% depending on the strain. Additionally, the plant’s vigor, resin, and terpene production saw an increase in providing medicine that was quite potent. These findings were enough to convince us that this technology was not only legitimate, but a logical upgrade moving forward.

We cannot say enough good things about our experience with our Est Tech LED lights, and we plan to utilize their unique technology for years to come. The awesome team at EST Tech is also able to offer their on-site partner services to help provide the perfect installation of the product, as well as best practices for optimal performance of your system. With these new growing experiences in hand, we look forward to future cultivation using the Est Tech technology.

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