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John Bayes has been a key player in the cannabis industry in both Oregon and California for the last 20 years. His focus has been teaching others how to cultivate organic boutique style cannabis in combination with high level Buddhist teachings which integrate intention into the cultivation practice. These practices along with sourcing the highest level of organic inputs combine to create the methodology we call “Intentional Horticulture”. John has also consulted at nearly every level in the cannabis industry, whether it be in cultivation, or at the State and National level with many politicians that champion the cannabis industry.Most recently Bayes’ consultation brand, Green Bodhi, has teamed up with world renowned Brigade/WeedMaps to consult both nationally and internationally.



Past Experiences

– Over 20 years experience in organic cultivation and horticultural consultation in the cannabis industry.

– Opened, managed, and sold the nation’s first and only fully third party certified organic dispensary.

– Consultant to State and Nation level politicians such as the Financial Committee of the United States congress, US senator Ron Wyden, US Senator Jeff Merkley, US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, US Congressman Earl Blumenauer, and State Senator Floyd Prozanski, and a multitude of staffers in Washington DC. 

– Former rules advisory committee (RAC) Chairholder for both Oregon Liquor Control Commission and Oregon Health Authority.

– Consultant for Oregon Senate Bill 460 which allowed medical marijuana dispensaries, beginning October 1, 2015, to sell limited marijuana retail product to persons at least 21 years of age in accordance with certain conditions.

– Testified before the state in support of Oregon House Bill 2198 which allowed unlimited immature plants under 24 inches.

– Consultant for SB 1544 which removed height limitation on immature marijuana plants produced for medical purposes. It also changed possession limit on immature marijuana plants for persons designated to produce marijuana for registry identification cardholders and persons responsible for medical marijuana grow sites.

– Consultant for Oregon House Bill 3400 which required new testing and labeling standards for cannabis products.

– Consultant for Oregon House Bill 3460 which allowed the legal transfer of usable cannabis to a dispensary.

– Decades experience in genetics and breeding.

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