John Bayes has been a key player in the cannabis industry in both Oregon and California for the last 20 years. His focus has always been producing organic boutique style cannabis in combination with high level Buddhist teachings which integrate intention into the cultivation practice. These practices along with sourcing the highest level of organic inputs combine to create the methodology we call “Intentional Horticulture”. John has also consulted at nearly every level in the cannabis industry, whether it be in cultivation, or at the State and National level with many politicians that champion the cannabis industry.

Bayes also takes pride in giving back to those around him. Donations include medicine for terminal diseases such as cancer, and children with neurological disorder’s, like epilepsy and autism. Other philanthropic endeavours include monetary and physical donations to His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s personal monastery, The Namgyal Monastery Institute of Buddhist Studies. Most recently Bayes’ consultation brand, Green Bodhi, has teamed up with world renowned WeedMaps/Brigade to consult and produce high level organic medicine both nationally and internationally.


Growing up in Eugene, Oregon, John Bayes has been closely connected with cannabis culture starting from a very young age. As a young adult Bayes explored many career paths, but found a deep interest in esoteric studies and psychedelic self discovery. It was these unique interests that triggered an intense urge to explore plants and their medicinal qualities in a more traditional lineage based manor. In 2004 after doing a good deal of self exploration Bayes was inspired to travel to Peru. On this journey he would seek to learn more extensively the traditions of wisdom plants from the jungles and highlands of this sacred country. In Iquitos, at the first International Shamanic Conference, Bayes came in to contact with his first teacher, Sayre Tupac Waricocia. Coincidentally, this is also when Bayes made his first junction with deeper Buddhist traditions and philosophical studies. Sayre Tupac was more of a Neo-Style teacher, combining Buddhist psychology, philosophy & practices, quantum physics, and Andean plant wisdoms. Sayre received his training in the Buddhist tradition under the Karma Kagyu lineage in India. Sayre’s Buddhist traditions, lifelong training in Peruvian wisdom plants, and a sacred Incan heritage helped to form a bond with Bayes that would last a lifetime. Bayes continues to study and train in Buddhist traditions under the guidance of the Namgyal Monastery to this day.

In the early medical days Bayes worked on creating a stable of rare genetics and an organic based system that also integrated the mindful intention practices he was learning. Since then Green Bodhi has been growing, breeding, and consulting with a focus in Oregon and the west coast, and more recently cultivation in Peru.

Politically, Bayes has worked closely with state and federal level politicians to help shape and create sensible laws based around cannabis. In Oregon, Bayes served on multiple advisory boards, guiding the states regulatory process and testifying to help secure the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program under the request of Oregon State Senator Floyd Prozanski. Moving forward Green Bodhi is focused on expanding into the recreational market to bring quality, organically grown cannabis to both the Oregon and California markets.



With countless growing techniques floating around in the cannabis domain, the task of creating a successful garden can feel quite overwhelming. At Green Bodhi our focus is on creating a setup that is not only organic, but one that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Upon the creation of the third party certifier, Envirocann, Green Bodhi was the first inspected and licensed indoor farm within the Enviroganic program. Bayes views Enviroganic’s strict guidelines of organic agriculture as another facet that helps set Green Bodhi’s methods apart from the general sphere of cultivators.

The main growing philosophy of Green Bodhi is to trust our natural intuition through awareness. By delineating our self-centered perspectives and aligning our minds with altruism, Bayes feels we can actually start to get a true glimpse of our relationship with the plant, ultimately bringing the plant to their true potential. This is yet another reason why, at Green Bodhi, we focus on regenerative and probiotic organic practices. With these philosophies in mind we aim to provide a final product that increases happiness while reducing suffering, all while being mindful of the footprint we are leaving behind. This is the root and meaning of Intentional Horticulture



Throughout the years Green Bodhi has engaged in a number of successful breeding projects which have produced cultivars that are both unique and rare. The first notable breeding experiment yielded a beautiful terpene rich strain, Hazy Kush, named after Bayes’ late dog, Hazy. This was a cross of Golden Pineapple female and a male (Purple Affie x Trainwreck) x (OG Kush x S.A.G.E). Later deciding to backcross the Hazy Kush, Green Bodhi would create the highly unique Mystery Haze.

More recently, Bayes has been working on a cross of Sour OG x 78’ Old School Affie called, Tenzin Kush. With two successful phenos, #2 and #4, it was a truly great project. Notably, in 2018 when testing our Tenzin Kush #2 we were informed that the strain is one of the most unique and rarest that they had tested to date. It’s these rare qualities which inspired us to use this lineage as the males in our next breeding project which is soon to be released. Looking forward we’ve got lots of beautiful genetics to experiment with in hopes of finding more unique and cherished cultivars.



As we roll into a new era of cannabis cultivation and legalization it is quickly becoming apparent that there are a number of brands entering the scene with one sole intention, to profit from cannabis. At Green Bodhi we are committed to respecting and appreciating the plant for what it provides us, awareness and medicine. Producing clean, enviroganic, intentionally grown cannabis helps us provide a conduit of happiness, awareness, appreciation, and healing to our patients. This type of appreciation is created by allowing yourself to fully take in the power and wisdoms that cannabis possess. When we provide the plant with with a healthy, natural, and balanced regime of care, all while keeping a balanced intention, the reciprocation provided from the plant is astoundingly undeniable.



Curtis Taylor (@curt_ice) has quickly become an emerging talent in the cannabis/macro photography space, and also happens to be the in house photographer for Green Bodhi. Taylor and his fiance, Emily, moved to Oregon in 2015 in pursuit of careers in the cannabis industry. Upon arrival Taylor was quite new to the world of photography, but was starting to form a passion for the subject. As a hobby he would seek out top shelf cannabis in shops across Portland to photograph and post to his Instagram feed. It wasn’t long before he came across Green Bodhi, and became obsessed with the beauty and character that each bud possesed. Over the next year Taylor would continue to develop his cannabis photography skill set and begin to find his unique style.

Green Bodhi really took notice to the keen eye and skill of Taylor, and in early 2017 he became the full time photographer for Green Bodhi. Since 2017 Taylor has found a very unique style with his photography garnering worldwide attention. In 2018 his photos were featured on the covers of Cannabis Now, Skunk Magazine, and Weed World Magazine. Taylor was also listed as one of top cannabis photographers to follow on Instagram by both Cannador and Wikileaf. Working with Green Bodhi has allowed Taylor to photograph hundreds of cannabis strains over the years, but his favorite strains to photograph are Tenzin Kush #4, Hazy Girl, and Mystery Haze, all being breeding projects from Green Bodhi. More recently Taylor has been deep diving into the world of macro photography. With a high magnification lens he is able to offer a view of cannabis that is both beautiful and mesmerizing. Looking forward, Taylor plans to progress his skills further and continue to find unique ways to offer his perspective through the lens.

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