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With cannabis legal in Canada and ten US states and medical marijuana legal in 33, now is the time to assess where we are in cannabis culture. For that, look no further than Instagram.

Civilized Staff

This shop’s collection of high-end, in-house growers and flower from standouts Green Bodhi and Nelson and Co. Organics means the selection hangs with the best.

Thrillist by Tyler Hurst

Curtis' photographs bring a unique focus to the organic plants grown by Green Bodhi.


Curtice’s shots are beautiful windows into each phase of cannabis’ growing cycle. As a photographer for Green Bodhi, cannabis growers devoted to teaching Intentional Horticulture, Curtice uses his talent to capture the beauty and intricacies of a growing cannabis plant.

BY: Dianna Benjamin

Their Instagram feed is packed with some of their best strains and media, from purples to greens, and even pack a hefty multitude of information that's revamping how we even look at cannabis production.


We’ve always been big fans of Hug Farms, Roganja, Green Bohdi and Massive Seeds to name a few.

Written By: Jon Russell & Phantom Farms Edited by Max Davis & Noah Persin
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