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Hello and welcome to the newly relaunched! With Green Bodhi 2.0, we’re focused on teaching you little-known facts, tips, and ideas about cannabis cultivation and lifestyle.

This photo was created in partnership between Curtis Taylor & John Bayes.

Cannabis Photography

One way we’ll do this is by showcasing the macro and micro beauty of the plant, seen through an exquisite portfolio of our cultivars. This curation of images comes from cannabis photography’s top talents, including Curtis Taylor (@curt_ice), Erik Christiansen (@erik.nugshots), Martin Henderson, and Kale Worden (@shwale). Each photographer’s indelible style captures the subtle allure and true expression of the plant’s innumerable strains, so that even non-cannabis users can appreciate the brilliance found within.

This photo was created in partnership between Curtis Taylor & John Bayes.

Popular strains we’ve photographed include Tenzin Kush #4, Mystery Haze, Purple Pakistani Chitral, and Hazy Girl. Notably, Tenzin Kush #4 (which is bred in-house) was featured on the covers of both Weed World Magazine and Skunk Magazine, but our full cultivar list can be found on the “Strains” page. You can find a short cultivar description as well as an interactive image gallery on each strain page.

Our stock cannabis photography section will feature a multitude of strains and various categories to help fulfill any cannabis stock photography needs you may have. Each image will have the option to purchase as a low-res JPEG (1920×1282 at 72DPI), or a high-res JPEG (6016×4016 at 300DPI). We plan to update our image offering on a regular basis, so be sure to sign up as a member and you’ll be notified each time we update!

This photo was created in partnership between Curtis Taylor & John Bayes.

Our Products

You’ll discover a fine selection of tastefully designed clothing over at our “Apparel” section. Each item features various Green Bodhi-themed designs and products, like hoodies and T-shirts, will be printed for unisex sizes and styles. Over at our “Canvas & Prints” section, you’ll find a wide range of canvas prints, framed matte prints, high quality photo paper prints, and coming soon limited-edition Green Bodhi screen-printed posters.


Here at Green Bodhi we do something called “intentional horticulture,” which is Buddhist methodology combined with high-level organics. A major goal of ours is to increase happiness while simultaneously reducing suffering, and we believe growing organically to produce a clean final product is essential to accomplishing that goal. These practices led us to becoming the nation’s first licensed and inspected indoor grow facility under Envirocann’s third-party certification for our sustainability and organic practices. We feel that following and upholding these strict standards is what sets us apart as cultivators.

This photo was created in partnership between Curtis Taylor & John Bayes.

Plant operations big and small can benefit from “intentional horticulture,” which is why we’re offering these processes and practices as a resource. Those interested in maximizing each plant’s potential, as well as learning how to navigate the unforeseen obstacles of creating a successful cannabis business, should consider Green Bodhi’s business-to-business (or B2B) consulting.

We’re here to help your business with cultivation methodology of cannabis and hemp, budgeting solutions, design and operations of indoor/outdoor growing facilities as well as dispensaries, stock photography licensing, branding/licensing, website design and marketing.

This photo was created in partnership between Curtis Taylor & John Bayes.

We can also advise you on any compliance issue that might arise, as Green Bodhi’s founder, John Bayes, has consulted politicians at both the state and federal level on shaping sensible cannabis laws. Bayes was on the Rules Advisory Committee for the Oregon Medical Marijuana program (OMMP) and Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC), and even testified to help secure the Oregon Medical Marijuana program under the request of State Senator, Floyd Prozanski. Thanks to over 20 years of experience, we can shape a unique system based on your needs, or create step-by-step consultant guidance.

About Our Founder

With roots in Eugene, Oregon, John Bayes developed a strong connection with cannabis dating back to his younger years, as well as with other wisdom plants that offer psychedelic experiences. In 2004, he traveled to Peru for the inaugural International Shamanic Conference, where he met his first teacher, Sayer Tupac Waricocia. Here is where Bayes encountered deeper Buddhist philosophy and practices, which he continues to study and train to this day under the guidance of Namgyal Monastery.

Bayes started his journey into medical cannabis cultivation with the intention of creating a collection of rare genetics—supported by high-level organic practices—that also encompassed the mindful intention practice he was learning. Currently, he’s developing breeding projects and growing for his medical patients in Oregon, but has plans to enter the Oregon recreational market moving forward. Disclaimer: There will be no sales of genetics or cannabis on this website whatsoever.

Giving back to those in need and reducing suffering is something that Bayes takes great pride in. Bayes has donated medicine to those suffering from terminal illnesses like cancer, and children with neurological disorders, such as epilepsy and autism. Philanthropically, Bayes has made and continues to make monetary and medicinal donations to multiple organizations, such as Namgyal Monastery, Du Khor Choling and other projects around the world.


Throughout the years, Green Bodhi has been fortunate enough to be featured in magazines such as Cannabis Now, Skunk Magazine, Weed World Magazine, DOPE Magazine, Grow Magazine, The Portland Monthly, and The Willamette Week. In 2016, The Portland Monthly featured Green Bodhi as one the top three organic cannabis farmers in Oregon. The Willamette Week meanwhile wrote that “John Bayes has an almost mystical reputation for growing some of the best marijuana in Oregon.” DOPE Magazine added more praise in its 2016 feature on Bayes, writing, “Feet on the ground, but head most definitely in the stars, this marijuana-worshipping mystic is a mix of traditional pot culture and modern canna-business: a hybrid strain for our times.”


At Green Bodhi, we’re fans of creating with people we find interesting. Through five photo sessions with Erik Christiansen, we were able to unlock rarified images of trichomes and male plants not often seen. In addition, we worked with Wataska to produce a masterfully crafted docuseries on the world and life of Green Bodhi. More recently, Green Bodhi has partnered with WeedMaps to consult and produce organically grown medicine both nationally and internationally.

This photo was created in partnership between Curtis Taylor & John Bayes.

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